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With social media at the forefront of promotional vehicles being used to publicize and increase your business, GSP develops and maintains your social media profiles using the following on-line websites:

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social media sites used to promote businesses. We will create your profile for a flat free of $350.

This website has two main users: 1) People seeking employment; and 2) People promoting their businesses. The flat fee for creating a LinkedIn profile is $350.

Twitter is also used as a tool to promote businesses and disseminate helpful tips about your professional field as a means of creating good will with your audience. The flat fee for creating a Twitter account is $150.

Pinterest is a social media tool that shares your interests with others and demonstrates your diversity and willingness to share great websites with others. The flat fee for creating a Pinterest account is $150.

Profile Maintenance
GSP's can either teach you how to maintain your social media profiles yourself or we can mantain them for you. Our maintenance rate is $95/hour. We bill monthly and will work with you to determine how much maintenance your profiles will need.

To schedule a FREE initial consultation,
email Andrea@GoldenSlipperProductions.com or call 908-872-5973.

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