Click on the text and image links to visit the each of the websites. Note: The first two websites are maintained by GSP and the rest are both created and maintained by GSP. – Meaningful jewelry handmade by Dr. Peggy Doherty Delong. You can also purchase her debut memoir, I Can See Clearly Now, on this site. – This website promotes Dr. DeLong’s psychology practice as well as her debut memoir, I Can See Clearly Now. – Noted author of over 30 children’s books. – Personal Finance Author, Journalist and Editor – Landscape and Design firm covering Central NJ. – Central NJ Law Firm covering several areas of Practice, including Wills, Trusts and Estates. – Offers mediation to help people through some of the most difficult times in their lives by providing creative and specific solutions that best fit your family. – a trusted team of house painters serving all of NJ. – Offers comprehensive concierge level Aging Life CareTM management services to families with elder care needs. – Landscaping company serving Somerset County. – The goals of the Professional Networking Group are to (1) help grow each other’s businesses by cultivating relationships with other professionals and (2) serve as a forum to educate, discuss common business issues, and broaden each other’s perspectives. – Bridgewater Professional Group is comprised of like-minded participants looking for an alternative to the overly structured, come-one-come-all format of the national networking groups. Membership is limited to professionals that serve businesses and/or their owners AND executives (e.g., attorneys, accountants, lenders, financial planners and insurance brokers).

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